NEW MIX: CLO – Blackout

One of my favorite producers is having a Remix Contest! Prizes are a bunch of cool gear from Audient and Lewitt Mics, and since I’m a gear head I thought I’d enter….
The Produce Like A Pro academy released tracks for multiple instruments, besides the vocal I grabbed the strings and piano then worked around those changes.

Here is a link to the original:

And this is my rocked-out version!

NEW MIX: LPC MUS37 GRP1 – Time Stolen

I’ve been taking a Music Business course this fall, for our group project we made a song together using a shared Google folder to transfer wav files that were recorded at everyone’s home to bring together onto my system. Each group had a manager, creators and Tech (me!). I would email rough MP3 mixes to the creators for review then revise as needed. We only had one major revision and it worked out very nicely! Utilizing my other instruments, I added P-Bass and programmed Drums for the arrangement. A combination of Neve 1073 and SSL 4000 Series emulations were used for tracking. I added three separate reverbs and delays to flavor things up in the mix as well, using techniques I recently learned from Chris Lord Alge. For mastering (HA! “Mastering…”) the chain I used was the Drawmer S73 processor for clarity, Focusrite Red EQ for more transparency, then finally just a tad of the Red 3 Compressor for a final “glue.”

Pretty amazing how technology can still bring us together during times like these.

Guitar/Vocals – Lucas Sanchez
Acoustic Guitar – Eric Sedillo
Vocals – Claudia Melo
Drums/Bass – Marc deVasconcelos

New Holy Cover Tune Coming Soon

Holy Acapella track shown

Adding to my list of Re-Arranged Cover tunes is going to be Holy by Justin Bieber and Chance The Rapper. I’m thinking guitar layers building as the song progresses, but we’ll see what other turns it takes. Keep it tuned here to see the steps of progress!