Studio Gear

-2018 Mac Mini i7
-Pro Tools DAW, Plugins include Universal Audio, Ampeg SVT Suite, Antares Auto Tune Pro, Steven Slate Trigger, SSL Channel Strip & Master Bus 2 plus many other standards from Waves, Izotope, Valhalla and Eventide
-Focusrite Scarlett 8i8
-Audient ASP800 8 Channel Preamp
-Black Lion Audio B173 MKII
-Black Lion Audio B12A
-BAE PDI Instrument Direct box
-Condenser Microphones: AKG C414 XLII, Austrian Audio OC8 (stereo pair), Blue Spark, MXL Drum Cube (2), Samson C02 (stereo pair), Warm Audio WA-47 Tube
-Dynamic Microphones: Shure SM57 (3), Beta 52, SM7B, Sennheiser e906, MD 421II (2), Electro Voice RE20
-Headphones: AKG K240, Sony 7508, Yamaha HPH-MT5
-Adam Audio T7V Monitors
-Ultimate Acoustics bass traps and diffusion
-SE Space vocal shield
-Mogami Mic and Instrument Cables

Songs Mixed by Marc

-Pork Pie US Birch Drum Set (12″/16″/22″), 1965 Ludwig Supraphonic Snare (5″x14″), Zildjian A Custom (17″, 18″ Crash, 20″ Ride), Zildjian K Hi Hats (13″)
-Various Multi-Percussion/Shakers
-Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro II, SG Melody Maker w/P-90
-Fender American Precision Bass
-Marshall 1960 4×12″ Cab (straight)
-Pedals: Orange StAmp, Boss Metal Zone, Ibanez Tube Screamer, Electro Harmonix Big Muff, Danelectro Pastrami, Xotic XP Booster, MXR UniVibe
-Roland Juno-DI, TR-8S
-VST’s include Jupiter and Juno 106 by Roland, Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Moog Model D and Model 15, Analog Dreams and Exhale from Native Instruments

Nespresso machine
Purified Water

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