At an early age, Marc has been exposed to music from his family and neighbors including 70’s and 80’s Funk, R&B, Hip Hop and Rock. He began playing Classical Percussion and Guitar in grade school. Growing up in the late 80’s-early 90’s, influences ranged from Cypress Hill and Dr. Dre to Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam. While composing in college he realized he wanted to be a producer, after some research found a lot of his favorites were also DJ’s. A set of turntables, a growing vinyl collection and six months practice led to local gigs and a need to keep up with current music releases and trends. Having a vast library of tunes and experience allowed him to read crowds, control reactions and create moods in bars and clubs from the East Bay to San Francisco.

The last three years have been extremely busy. Not only re-engaging with percussion and guitar, but also understanding Recording and Mixing. As musical ideas began to progress Marc also learned Drum Set, Bass, and Keys to play on his arrangements and for other singer/songwriters. Inspirations include Warren Huart, Greg Wells, Graham Cochrane, Bob Clearmountain and Chris Lord Alge. Researching these icons led to information about how plugins are used throughout a mix from tracking to master buss processing, and how to get that radio-polished sound at the end of writing a song. Because of this understanding he is able to put himself in any or all steps of producing. Recent projects include arrangements for singer/songwriter Kenny Moore plus R&B artist Moonlight Jack. 

A lot of useful software, recording hardware, and instruments have certainly grown since the beginning of this journey! Here are some of the tools used today:

Mac Mini i7
Pro Tools DAW, Waves and SSL plugins, Steven Slate Trigger, Antares Auto Tune
Focusrite Scarlett 8i8
Audient ASP800 
Condenser Microphones: AKG P420, C414, Rode NT4A, Blue Spark, MXL Drum Cube, Samson C02
Dynamic Microphones: Shure SM57, Beta 52, SM7B, Sennheiser e906, MD 421II
Headphones: AKG K240, Sony 7508, Yamaha HPH-MT5
Alesis M1 Monitors

PDP Birch Drum Set, Ludwig Supraphonic Snare, Zildjian K and A Custom Cymbals
Various Multi-Percussion
Gibson Les Paul, SG Melody Maker
Fender American Precision Bass
Roland Juno-DI, TR-8S

Music Production:

DJ Mixes:

(415) 632-7508

Social Media:


Logo/Press Pics:

MARC CARD & LOGO udated nov162010 marcdevasconcelos1


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