Marc was exposed to a vast range of music from his family, neighbors, and friends. At age 10 his love of music instruments began in school playing classical Percussion, then Guitar came soon after. He performed with friends at school concerts and local events. 

Being raised in the 80’s and 90’s meant Rock, Pop, Hip Hop and R&B were the soundtrack of his youth. Inspiration to become a producer came from Dr. Dre’s album “1999”. One listen sparked curiosity of how he mixed all the sounds together to create a feeling and vibe like no other. To his finding many producers were DJ’s at the start of their careers, so he began there. Nonstop practice on a set of turntables plus a growing vinyl collection led to local gigs, then finally bars and clubs in San Francisco, where you can still find him every weekend.

When a music rehearsal room became available, Marc purchased an interface, microphones, then researched all the recording and mixing information he could find. He also became familiar again with rhythm section instruments to play along with his collaborators.

Watching icons such as Warren Huart, Greg Wells, Bob Clearmountain and Chris Lord Alge helped him understand the techniques used “behind the scenes” throughout recording a song from tracking to mixing, and how to get a radio-polished sound at the end of a project. Marc is a current member of the Produce Like A Pro Academy

Fast forward to now: Music Production